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Download Fb Graph Scraper Plugin v2 Free

Ever wanted to scrape a list of peoples friends, any Facebook Page
users or any Facebook application users? Well here is an easy peasy way
to scrape them based on a vanity name, user id or even scrape from
groups with the group id.

Like this way:

• People who like [interest] and live in [place]

[profession] who live in [place]

• People who like [interest] and [interest] and [interest]

• Friends of People who like [interest] and [interest] and [interest]

• People who like [page] and live in [place]

• Friends of People who like [page] and live in [place]

• ect….Click Here to Download

Facebook Graph Scraper

Scrape Application Users Using Graph Search


Check out this Step by Step Video Tutorial:

This super Fb Graph Scraper Plugin v2 chrome plugin
will scrape you to make super targeted Facebook ads campaigns and give
you cheaper clicks and high CTR, in as little 30 Minutes; you are likely
to be Getting Super Targeted Visitors to Your Site, Page or Blog. Fb Graph Scraper Plugin v2 is New Facebook plugin for your browser puts the odds to your benefit. Take your Facebook advertising to a whole new level.

Click Here to Download

Download Click Jacker 3.0 WordPress Plugin Crack for Free

Click Jacker will change the way that you market affiliate products online. No longer will you have to give up leads to your affiliate company and lose customers after you finally convince people to click on your affiliate link.

You get to keep your OWN leads.

Now you can start profiting from not only your efforts, but those of your best competitors.


Click Here to download it for free

Download Themeforest Me Gusta! User-driven Content Sharing Theme Free(version 2.8 – August 7, 2013)

Downlaod me gusta wordpress theme free

Love your posts

You can enable the “LOVE” feature so users can Love your posts by clicking the heart icon. “Love” will follow you on every part of the page by getting sticky when you scroll down.

Make your posts HOT
When reaching a certain limit of Loves your posts become HOT. Set this limit in backend, as well as simulate several Love actions for your posts.
Set your blog mainpage to display either HOT or NEW posts (Mainpage is also available as a static page)

Navigate using keyboard hot-keys
Use keyboard’s J, K, L, C, V and R keys for different actions on your site: next post, previous post, love a post, comment post, view post or display a random post.

Front-end submission and post edit
You can let your user submit posts from front-end and also edit them or delete.

NSFW posts
Let your registered users only see the Not Safe For Work content.

Human time
Enable human-time to let users know when the post was added. Switch back to the native WordPress time format if you wish.

Facebook connect
Users can register/login to your site using their Facebook accounts.

Facebook versus default comments
You can either enable the default comment system or opt for the Facebook social plugin.
Add your Facebook application ID so you can moderate comments.

Sidebars and widgets
The site uses unlimited sidebars for you to be able to insert as many widgets as you need to get the most of your theme: Categories with icons, Content tabber (hot posts, new, comments, tags), Flickr, Twitter, Latest posts, Social media, Top authors, Submit content.
Select a different layout for each of your posts: containing a left sidebar, a right sidebar or displayed full-width.

Social media ready
All posts have built-in social-media share buttons that users can click and promote any content of your web-site. Enable or Disable them for any particular post or page.

Other features
The theme also uses built-in breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, image resizing, 100+ shortcodes, built-in related posts and social-media sharing, and comes with an extensive documentation to help you get started.

Click Here to Download Themeforest Me Gusta! User-driven Content Sharing Theme Free(version 2.8 – August 7, 2013)

Download Full Version of Latest Wp Robot With 19 Modules Free

Download Full Version of Latest Wp Robot With 19 Modules Free

Download Latest WP Robot With 19 Modules Free

Download Digital Product Demon Free

Digital Product Demon is a simple, easy to use plugin that does exactly what most WordPress site owners want when selling digital products from their WordPress website.

Digital Product Demon coupled with WordPress will let you:

  • Easily sell digital products with just a PayPal account
  • Support multiple products in a single ClickBank Account
  • Automatically cloak your affiliate links
  • Protects your Download Pages
  • Protects your Download Links
  • Hide your digital product’s actual URL
  • Automatically generate PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie payment buttons

Selling Digital Products on wordpress Site wasn’t so easy!!

Click Here to Download Digital Product Demon

Download Wp Simplicity WordPress Plugin for Free

New Forceful WordPress Plugin Configure And Set Up Your Blog With Contents With Few Clicks 100% Proven.  Transform Your Blogs To Money Machine With Few Clicks In Seconds

WP Simplicity-WordPress plugin does far more than just installing over one hundred most used and popular plugins, optimizes your WordPress blog for top search engine positions through the preset permalinks and pre-configures your sidebar settings.  It leverage your time by simply sourcing content for your blogs without leaving your admin area.

WP Simpleness WordPress Plugin is a time-saving plugin that make setting up, configuration and posting contents to WordPress sites a breeze.  It makes blogging simpler for all marketing experts and blog owners than you can ever imagine.  Use the secret tool of smart blog owners today and transform your blog to money machine.

Key Features of  WP Simplicity:

You Do Not Need To buy any other autoblogging tools

You Do Not Need To bother about time to set up blogs

 You Do Not Need To hire any freelancer to write posts for you

 You Do Not Need To spend hours and hours creating contents

 You Do Not Need To worry about contents duplication or copyright issues

 You Do Not Need To spend hours installing plugins one by one

 You Do Not Need To bother about search engine optimization

 You Do Not Need To work very hard blogging for real cash at all!


Click Here to Download Wp Simplicity WordPress Plugin

Download WordPress Plugin Web Traffic Genius Pro Free

Web Traffic Genius Pro Automatically creates Rss feeds of every post and submits it to 20 feed directories on autopilot

Download WordPress Plugin web traffic genius Pro free from :

Download SEOPressor With License Key for Plugin Activation Free

Whats Is SEOPressor?

Download SEO Presser Free With License Key For Unlimited Sites

You probably have heard about the latest product created by Daniel Tan which is SEOPressor, right? This is one product making a big buzz now in the internet marketing industry.

The ads about SEOPressor has specified that this product is a plug in for WordPress and is supposed to help out internet marketers who use WordPress. This probably caught your attention too, right? I mean, SEOPressor should make your internet marketing endeavor easier, particularly, it should boost your WordPress such that it will deliver better. Of course, like any smart internet marketer, you are searching for more details about SEOPressor before you dive in and spend some good cash on this product which is the smart thing to do. It is better to make sure that a particular product is really what you need before you purchase it

To start off, SEOPressor is a WordPress plug in which will optimize your site and the more optimized it becomes, the better opportunities you will have.

The battle in the search engine optimization arena is becoming tighter and tighter. That is because, there are more people who have already entered the internet marketing business and competition is just increasing by the day. Apart from that, people involved in doing online business have also discovered a lot of different ways of doing search engine optimization. The main goal of each and every single one of them really is to have an edge over the others.
Regardless of the size of business, internet marketing has already been recognized as a way of creating substantial income.

As for your internet marketing business, you also would want to make your business grow and provide you with the things you expect from it, right?

“On Page” search engine optimization is something that you would want to incorporate in your internet marketing business to make it deliver what it is supposed to. Ranking within the primary spot in the major search engines like Google is one of the top most goal of the majority of internet marketers. This probably is your top priority too. “On page” search engine optimization can make you achieve that goal.

This can as simple as properly labeling your website so that it can easily be found. When your website is more accessible for the search engines, it will have greater tendency of making it to the top spot in the search engines.

You might be thinking already that “on page” search engine optimization is a task that is much grounded on the technical aspect. Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore because that is what SEOPressor will help you with.

What is SEOPressor going to do for your business?
Since search engine optimization for your WordPress site can be a bit tedious, SEOPressor will help you out with optimizing it.

To seek for assistance and extra boost from products like SEOPressor is something you might want to consider because this will enable you to be more efficient. You can focus on some other things and other areas of your internet marketing business if you know that there is SEOPressor which will handle some of the mundane tasks.

With SEOPressor you will be able to launch new sites which you can also utilize for increasing the optimization for your main business website.
This WordPress plug in will also monitor the keywords which you use for you IM business and will give you an idea on how well it delivers. With this plug in you can strategize better on what you could do next so that you can improve your WrodPress site and improve the performance of your online business too.

If you dream about having a search engine optimization consultant, this could work the same way for you.

SEOPressor will help you analyze the optimization for your website and for the other sites which you will launch. I have to say that an actual search engine optimization expert can do some things which a plug in can not deliver but, SEOPressor can give you some valuable assistance. If what you are seeking for are answers to some inquiries and consults, SEOPressor can give you that much. You just need to be careful with the steps involved in the process though.

SEOPressor will conserve your valuable time and will ease you up from some of the mundane tasks involved in search engine optimization. I just need to emphasize though that, if what you are looking for is a product which will work on its own with just one push of a button, you are looking at the wrong product. SEOPressor will only work best if you are able to set it up properly. SEOPressor will only serve as a tool to help you in your internet marketing business but you can not really rely on it solely for doing all the task. Afterall, when it comes to internet marketing, there is still no better way to make it go smoothly than really getting your hands on to it.

Download SEO Presser Free With License Key For Unlimited Sites

Download Wp Twin Free (100% Working)

Clone or Transfer your wordpress blog in 32 seconds  without loosing any data and settings.

Download Wp Twin Free

The above video guide you how Clone or Transfer your wordpress blog in 32 seconds without loosing any settings and data.

Download Wp Twin Free

Contact me if this plugin don’t work…

Download WordPress Plugin Wp Syndicator Word Syndicator Freendicator Free (100% Working)

Download WordPress Plugin WP Syndicator Free (100% Working)

For The Proof Watch This Video:

What is Wp Syndicator and How it works:

Download WordPress Plugin WP Syndicator Free

WP Syndicator is a powerful WordPress plug-in that automatically

syndicates your content across a number of popular Web 2.0 authority websites.

By syndicating your content you will benefit in several ways:

1. An increase in traffic especially from micro-blogging sites
within your syndication network.

2. Improved search engine ranking through an increase in your link popularity together with better initial indexing.

3. Automatic deep linking to every syndicated blog post from
high status and authority sites.

4. A significant saving in time versus manual content syndication.

WP Syndicator will really benefit any wordpress blogger,
especially those people seeking a competitive advantage in the
search engines

Click Here to download WP Syndicator Free


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